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If you have decided it is time to try to make beer at home, we can help you. It can be easy or it can be extremely challenging, however that is up to you. Getting started in brewing beer is not as hard as it might seem, it is actually more about sanitizing your tools and having a beer brewing kit that makes it easy to get started. There are many different beer brewing kits to choose from but they are not all equal in quality, that is why we hand select kits that will make the process easy to get started with and will also be rewarding once you have waited long enough to enjoy your first beer. To get started you are going to need the following:
1. You will have to have a malt extract, water, and yeast. The malt extract is either DME (dried malt extract) or liquid extract which is thick like honey. The most important decision when it comes to extract is that it needs to be fresh. One surprising thing about beer brewing is that making beer is using almost all water. Fresh water is also very important to make sure that no contaminants are in the water. Finding a quality yeast that is proper for your beer is also very important.
2.You will have to have the basic equipment for cooking, fermentaton and bottling. The standard beer brewing kit for beginners is 5 gallons, so at the minimum you will need a pot for cooking that will hold at least 5 gallons. Your fermentation bucket will need to be slightly over 5 gallons to allow the beer to have enough room for proper fermentation. Finally you are going to need to bottle your beer. This is going to take bottles that can withstand carbonation, bottle caps, and a bottle cap capper.
You are going to see that there are so many beer brewing kits out there and this is why we try to make it easy on beginners to brew beer. Good Luck!